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Dress (similar here) | Boots | Jacket (similar here)

Hey Everyone,

As “Fall” approaches in California, we tend to dress very different than most other states. We can do short dresses with boots, while other people are all bundled up. It is more of a fall-ish outfit. If you live somewhere that has colder weather you can add pants to the outfit. I also love a good leather jacket and rain boots.

-xoxo lo


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  1. So true! You make an excellent point on how we need to dress during fall because of continuing heat! I love the dress and boots! The jacket is perfect if the temps drop at night. Oh and can I just say you have the most gorgeous figure! Once upon a time – I was in college I had a pretty awesome figure. I mourn my lost figure. Haha! Seriously, so far there’s NOTHING you don’t look fabulous in! And your taste and style are impeccable! Classy, elegant yet youthful. Great job Lo! 😉

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